Makesafe Traffic Management is an Australian Owned Traffic Management Company. Established in 2009 to provide what was identified as better practice in Traffic Management in Melbourne and Victoria.
We have grown rapidly in that time due to our constant works with our valued clients to ensure that their every need in traffic management is met with the highest possible service both within Management and with Traffic Control Crews in the field.
With continuous improvement and consistent work we have met the criteria and have been certified by Sustainable Certification to:
  • Quality Management System
  • OH&S Management System

Makesafe Traffic Management has also gained Pre-Qualificiation Status by VicRoads.

The Team at Makesafe is what makes our company one of the leaders in the industry. We have a dedicated team of personnel from our Management Team through to our Team Leaders and Traffic Controllers. We look after our team as they are the face of our company at each and every work site we do every day.

Makesafe Traffic Management provides complete solutions to the Traffic Management Industry and works with clients from a range of industries including:
  • Roadside Works
  • Asphalting & Road Profiling
  • Line Marking
  • Tree Pruning/Tree Service
  • Construction Works
  • Cycling Events
  • Running Events
  • Festivals
  • Film Sites – Traffic & Security Services
  • Cabling
  • Pipe Building/Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Emergency Response Works – Utility Services & Tree Services
  • Continuous/Fast Moving Worksites
Contact the friendly team at Makesafe Traffic Management to discuss your requirements:
Phone – 1300 367 872 or email: with your enquiry.